Thursday, December 17, 2009

First full day in Rome!

Had a great day! Started out thinking I was going to the Pantheon, but ended up spending all day at the Colosseum and Forum instead. Not a wasted day in any sense - really interesting stuff. I took my iPod along with some free Rick Steeves audio guide tracks. He had about 30 minutes of information in both the Forum and the Colosseum. It's the first time I've really had to think hard about what used to be there rather than what's actually in front of you. A girl at my hostel has one of those books to show you what was there before. Really interesting to see the contrast. I met some fellow travelers from China (Jin and Jen) on my way from the Colosseum to the Forum and we struck up some conversation. We ended up touring the Forum together and acting as one another's personal photographers. It was a lot to see in one day, even though it's just one small part of the city. Tomorrow - the Vatican and the Pantheon! Ciao!

^looking out from the Colosseum to the Forum^
^Beautiful memorial for Italian vets in with great views the middle of the city^
^West side of the Colosseum^
^The Chinese couple I toured with^
^The 'Stadium' in the Forum, a good example of how the ancient part of the city makes you think about what used to be there, not what's still standing^

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