Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last day in Rome - on to Naples and Sorrento

Had my last day in Rome today. I think I could have seen the highlights in 4 days, but the week I spent here allowed me to relax for a bit before heading on to the Amalfi coast. I spoke with a French-Canadian from my hostel today about some of the highlights in Naples, sounds like it should be a great time. Also looking forward to more ancient sites at Pompeii and Ercolano.
Some highlights from my last two days in Rome:
I spent an afternoon with Giulliana, a student at Grey College in Durham who is originally from Rome. The vista from the park above Piazza del Popollo was great
Last night in Rome - went to Trevi Fountain and had some Gelato with Aussies and a Colombian from my hostel
Went to the Borghese Gallery a couple days ago. They had a lot of famous works (famous enough to be recognizable even to me) - very impressive collection from Caravaggio (painter) and Bernini (sculptor)

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